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Hubstaff Review – Best Time Tracking Software & App

In this video, I review Hubstaff time tracking software. In my opinion Hubstaff is the best time tracking software out there right now. I do not just describe main features of Hubstaff, but really what you need to pay attention to when choosing a time tracking app. At the end of this review you should understand why Hubstaff is the best time tracking software whether you are looking to track your own time or are looking for an employee time tracking app.

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• Plan requires minimum 2 users

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Hubstaff Review - Best Time Tracking Software & App

Hubstaff Review – Best Time Tracking Software & App

Hey everyone this is Vil so in this
hubstaff review video I’m not just going to
tell you what are the features of op
staff and all of that but I’ll tell you
exactly what you need to concentrate on
and what you need to take into
consideration when looking at help staff
to decide whether this is the right tool
or not for you so really what matters
and I’m going to compare or it puts some
of the different time tracking
software’s and some pros and cons so
basically at the end of this video
hopefully it’s going to be easier for
you to decide whether hub staff is the
right software for you or not and by the
way Before we jump and I do want to say
that I absolutely love half staff I have
been using it for years and I recommend
this tool for every single friend of
mine I honestly feel like I work for
help staff because I recommend them so
much this has saved me up a lot of time
and money and all of that and I will
explain exactly why that is so let’s
jump straight into it so the first thing
is time tracking if you already know
this is what the software is so you have
couple different options first of all
you can either download their app for
Windows or MacBook and you can track
everything that is happening on your
laptop so for example if you are hiring
people that are using different software
such as Photoshop then you might want
you as them to download the app but they
also have extensions where if someone
let’s say is just using Google Chrome
for the work that they do they can just
use the extension and that’s it so
that’s the main principle as you can see
the designs vary let me zoom in a little
bit as you can see the design is very
simple to get along to actually
understand you don’t really need it
that’s a nice part you don’t need to go
through training your employees or
anything like that
you can you just have your projects and
you have your tasks people just choose
the tasks that they are working on and
then they press Start on the timer and
that is it the really cool thing is the
productivity monitoring and what this is
is you can maybe tell from the
screenshots basically you can set up
this app in a way that it’s going to
take random screenshots and in different
intervals so you can set it up up to
three times every 10 minutes and on top
of that it also shows productivity
levels so as you can see here for
example you have 55% Harry only got 19%
here you got 45% and the productivity
level means how much a mouse has been
used or how much a keyword has been used
so obviously if someone is reading text
then the productivity is going to be
very low but if someone is actually
let’s say someone is doing a design or
something like that and you see that
productivity is very low
then you can tell that something is
wrong something is of they’re probably
not doing their work well so the reason
why I really love this is because first
of all you can actually tell whether
people are doing the right work that
they need to do so honestly I have had
an instance where someone was doing
someone else tasks while they were doing
work for me at the same time and I saw
that through the screenshots and then I
had to message them and ask them what is
up that is really not cool you can be
doing that and they apologized me and
they told me ok jiz deduct a couple of
hours from my work and I promise I will
never do that in the future so that
alone already paid off for me for the
software and this probably would have
happened this probably would have
continued on happening for months and
months to come so that alone again just
paid off what this software charges you
on top of that why I really love this is
because sometimes when you give projects
to people you want to see especially
when you don’t work in the same office
it’s kind of hard to understand how they
go about doing those tasks so having
these screenshots obviously it’s not
going to show you exactly what has been
happening but it can actually give you a
good idea of how people go about doing
certain tasks and I found it very useful
because sometimes I would just go really
quick through these screenshots and get
a little bit of an idea and if I would
see that I they’re not doing it in a way
that I expected them to do you or
perhaps there’s a better way to do it
then I can get on a quick call with
those people and I can explain to them
okay do this task a little bit different
so this is it sounds like it’s
micromanaging and it kind of is but
believe me once you get used of it then
going through these screen shots becomes
very very quick and again you don’t need
to do this all the time but sometimes it
can be very very very useful and in
general just seeing the productivity as
well just gives you a better
transparency of what exactly is working
with exactly people are doing and how
well certain things are working and
really it’s all about at the end of the
day optimizing and getting the most that
you can and I feel like this is helping
out with that a lot so for the screen
shots alone is something that why I
would choose why I would say this
software is completely unnecessary and
on top of that and then you also got
your timesheets so this is pretty cool
as well basically when you assign people
to certain projects certain tasks and
you can have a bunch of different team
members and you can assign them to
different or same tasks and then you can
see how much time they spend on certain
tasks and you have this basically let me
actually just show you I think well you
have this different timesheets where you
can see
calendars you can see weekly activity
daily and so on so it really makes it a
lot easier rather than a if let’s say
you could also ask your employees to
just write everything down how much they
work but then you need to even if you
let’s say you put that in an axle you
still need to kind of like go through
the Excel and you need to put the things
together and estimated times if you want
to let’s say compare the weeks or
compare the days or whatever so this
interface I really love it it makes it
very very simple to actually very
quickly see how much time certain tasks
takes and then you can make decision of
what actually is working and what isn’t
working I thought I had some more
screenshots but anyway so the point is
though that for example if I am doing
something I’m creating pinterest designs
and I’m scheduling them out I can create
this task and then assign someone and
see how much time that takes how much
I’m getting back and in return how much
traffic I’m getting from that and then
let’s say I can create a task with
Instagram designs and scheduling and I
can see how much time that takes and
then I see what’s a better return on
investment and get rid of one of those
tasks another really cool thing is what
why I use this a lot is when I get
certain projects or say fantastic and
job that I’m looking so on for I usually
get a few different people and a sign
same or very similar tasks for them and
then I can track and that’s the cool
thing as well so then with the
timesheets it’s very easy for me to tell
I’m how much time it took for someone to
do this or that or whatever it was and
also if I go further and then I look
into screenshots let’s say if I have a
couple of candidates that I’ve narrowed
it down to you if I looked at the
screenshots then I can tell again who
was doing like what was the mindset
behind doing certain things and that
helps me to make a decision of who
exactly should I choose and who is just
doing better work and all of that so the
are really really cool as well and then
well you got the GPS tracking so this
means basically if you have people that
go to certain location you can track
time how much time they spend that’s
location and so for example if let’s say
you’re running a cleaning business and
people are going to different homes then
this is this is absolutely amazing
because you can use that for every
single home but I personally don’t use
this again the geo-tagging you can also
have you have payroll so you can
automatically set up that when someone
is you can set up how much you’re paying
them and once the time is tracked then
that gets multiplied by the pay per hour
if that’s I’m if you’re paying them per
hour and then you can have automatic
payroll where they just get paid out
automatically for the work they have
done team scheduling all of that let me
show you the integrations so this is
another cool thing that you should take
into consideration when choosing a time
tracking software hub staff has a lot of
integrations so obviously you will want
you have some sort of project management
software that you use to get all your
projects all the tasks and all of that
and as you can see they have a lot of
them let’s say you’re using teamwork
projects so you can easily just a couple
of clicks integrated with hub staff and
then all of your projects all of your
tasks they get automatically synced to
hub snap so when people when whoever is
working for you when they open their app
they will see all of those tasks
automatically on the app and then they
just need to choose a task and press to
record the time and that is it and then
you got your payment integrations as
well so this is one cool thing if I’m a
huge fan again one of my favorite things
is transferwise and they have actually
integration with transferwise and I
always use transferwise to pay everyone
that works for me because they just give
really good exchange rates so it’s nice
they actually have integrations so you
can actually just pay true I’m
transferwise and also have QuickBooks
and all of that so there’s a lot of
different integrations as you can see
freshdesk salesforce and all of that so
something just that you should keep into
consideration because most likely you
are going to be using some of these
integrations and if other time tracking
software’s don’t have these integrations
then that is going to be troublesome so
just to show you the basically the
interface I’m not going to go to D but
just couple of things to mention I
created this dummy account by the way
because it didn’t want you I couldn’t be
bothered to block out all of my stuff
and so in the activity here is where
basically you will see all of the
screenshots and all of that but as you
can see one thing I want to emphasize on
why I like this a lot the interface has
a lot of different settings that you can
choose from so as you can see here for
example you can choose different members
you can choose the projects you can
choose activity levels time type all of
that you choose all of the different
dates and all of this so it just makes
it very simple and you can really go
quite a bit in depth when you want to
figure out what works the best what you
need to improve on and all of that kind
of stuff and this is one very important
thing as well that not all of the
software’s will do for you is you can
track time on apps and URLs so for
example if you have some sort of project
that’s a little bit more complicated
project and people need to go to a lot
of different websites and you want to
see where they spend the most time what
is the most important especially let’s
say if you have couple of different
people working on a project and you see
where they spend the most time that can
be very essential and it’s nice that
they actually provide this and I don’t
think there’s any other way how you
could really go about tracking URLs time
spent in different on different websites
or apps I don’t think that’s really
possible you need to use a software like
this and you got your time sheets and
you got your reports so you
can see again you can see I’m how much
time has been spent let’s say in the
past day in this past week in the past
month on different projects different
tasks all of that by different members
so it makes it very easy all in one
place this is why you could technically
ask your employees to put the time that
they worked on let’s say a spreadsheet
but that just sounds way too much pain
to go through all of that when here you
have everything nicely in one interface
and interface is real beautiful that’s
one of the reasons honestly also why at
first I was attracted to help staff
because I saw this interface tested it
out and I really enjoy it quite a bit
and as you can see you got your projects
you got your members payments all of
that I’m not going to go through all of
those stuff this is just a preview so
that’s not really important what is
important is payments because obviously
let’s be honest price does matter things
do add up so first of all you got free
plan and this free plan I would say is
more sort of a personal plan so I would
really only use this if I want to track
time for myself perhaps and the thing is
the problem with this free plan is that
you don’t have integrations so if you
want to use the software most likely you
will use some sort of task management
software as well so you want to have all
of your projects and all of the tasks
and for that you will need to have an
integration from that software will have
staff so you want to have at least one
integration and the free plan doesn’t
give you that so that’s why you’re not
really going to use the software for
free let’s be honest here you will need
the basic plan or the premium plan
so the basic plan has all of the main
features really all of the I would say
the core features what the what makes
this real really amazing software to use
so as you can see you’ve got your
tracking you got your activity levels
and limited screenshots and then you got
one integration so you can integrate the
task management software that you are
using and they also have support and all
of that so it’s I’ll compare it with
other plan in a second but I do want to
say that this plan while it might not
look if you looked at this other plan it
has so much more so many more things but
this actually has enough for you to do
the most necessary stuff so you can
really start out with this plan but if
you want to go to the next plan and the
reason why you want to go to the next
plan is if you really want to know to
track the apps and the URLs on which how
much time people spend on certain apps
or URLs then you need a premium plan for
that that GPS tracking again you will
need premium plans for that aside from
that I would say also consider this plan
if you want invoices and if you want
payroll so you can automatically pay to
the people that are working for you you
can see some of the other things but
these are the main things why you might
want to go to a premium plan instead of
basic plan and the enterprise the
enterprise plan really I’m you only need
it if you want to get unlimited job
sites so that means where people are
going to different sites to work from so
really that’s only if you’re running a
big business where people often go to
work from different places other than
that you don’t really need to import
enterprise plan to be honest and as you
can see the price is seven dollars per
user on the basic and ten on the premium
that’s monthly and a if you want annual
it’s going to be six dollars and then
eight dollars for the premium you
basically get two months free and if you
compare this pricing to you I’m other
time tracking software’s
this is the cheapest option and I want
us I don’t know why because I do think
hub staff
is the best option so I don’t know why
it’s the cheapest one as well but
usually I think the plants they
obviously always change the pricing
always changes but right now at least
other software’s are around $12
whereas would help staff you have the
option for $7 and if you want to be a
bit more advanced $10 and really again I
do want to emphasize that this is so
very little to pay for what you really
will get from the software and there is
a free trial by the way I will leave a
link down below in the description if
you want to test it out there’s a
special trial you can test the software
out for a couple of weeks see how it
feels but honestly I as I said I have
been using the software for many many
years and I absolutely love it it has
helped me so much and when you think
about it that even if you managed to
improve your productivity by just 1%
that is already going to pay off if
someone that’s doing work for you if you
can improve their work but 1% it’s going
to pay off because the software only
costs $10 and with the time tracking
with the activity levels with the
screenshots all of that believe me you
are going to improve productivity of all
the people that work for you so very
very cool software one of my favorite
ones one of that I say it’s a must-have
so I hope you found this review useful I
hope it’s going to make your decision a
little bit easier I do have another
channel that is all about online
marketing all of that kind of good stuff
so check that channel out I am sure you
will find it useful
I will leave a link down below in
description also if you found this video
useful make sure to press thumbs up
subscribe to my youtube channel to see
more software reviews that might be
useful for you stay awesome and I’ll see
you soon

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