Shopify Dropshipping Costs 2018 (Drop Shipping Cost)


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Probably the first question that pops into your head when you come across Dropshipping is how much does it cost to start Shopify Dropshipping business, Shopify Dropshipping costs 2018. It is a little difficult to just answer this with one number because there are somany viarables, but I will try to explain it as much as I can.

1. Shopify Dropshipping Store Costs

The first thing you need to start Shopify Dropshipping is a store.

There are a few different plans you can choose when it comes to Shopify depending on your needs.

The cheapest plan is only $9 per month which allows you to sell products on Facebook and have your products on any website or blog.

This means if you happen to already have a WordPress website you can sell products on it for just $9 per month.

If you do not have a WordPress website then you can start with a basic plan which is $29 per month.

With this plan, you will get pretty much everything you to build your own Shopify dropshipping store.

For $79 per month, you have the advanced plan, which provides you with better analytics.

The big difference between these is that you have to pay 2% transaction fees with the basic plan and 1% transactional fees with the advanced plan.

If you are making a lot of sales, it will quickly become better to just pay for the advanced plan. 

It is $50 difference between the two plans. So, at 2% transaction fee if you are paying over $2500, it is going to be cheaper to get the advanced plan

The good thing is Shopify actually offers you a free trial, so you can create a dropshiping store and try it out before spending any money.


2. Shopify Dropshipping Product Costs

There are different ways how you can do this. You can find some suppliers yourself or just use Aliexpress.

When finding suppliers yourself, it depends but sometimes you might need to pay some money to be able to access them.

At the beginning, it is easiest to start with Aliexpress, as you have thousands of suppliers there and plugins that allow you to import products with 1 click.

The great part is with you can use Oberlo plugin for free for up to 50 of your first sales.

After that, it is $29.90 per month for up to 500 sales and $79.90 per month for unlimited orders.

If you want to have more options on suppliers and shipping times, you might also check out Dropified.

They have a ton of different marketplace platforms that they support from Amazon to Costco or Etsy and so on

It costs $47 a month, however, it is definitely worth it if you want to stand out from all these other shops that sell only Aliexpress Products.

You could obviously do everything manually by yourself. Adding products and placing every order manually.

But believe me, the time you will spend is definitely not worth it… Having one of these apps is a must.

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