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Website Set Up


One of the best and most affordable hosting solutions for WordPress. Whether you are building an ecommerce store or you are building a website for your agency. 

Bluehost has a live chat if you have any questions about your hosting and provides different plans depending on how much traffic your site is getting.

shopify dropshipping

The most popular platform for eCommerce with a lot of apps to choose from.

An easy to use interface, very friendly for beginners.

Get a special FREE TRIAL HERE.

shopify dropshipping

A very cheap option for WordPress hosting. if You can’t afford Bluehost the this is the cheaper alternative.

Keep in mind the website is going to be a little slower, so choose this if Bluehost is too expensive for you.


One of the most popular and a great tool to create landing pages and sales funnels.

The tool provides you with the ability to create different landing pages, email opt-ins, a/b testing, accepting payments and so on.

The most popular platform for eCommerce with a lot of apps to choose from.

An easy to use interface, very friendly for beginners.

Get a special FREE TRIAL HERE.

Great platform to sell digital products and memberships. It comes with some integrated marketing tools such as upsells and bundles.

You can start selling online free with Payhip and just pay 5% transaction fee. 


Same as Payhip this is a platform to sell digital products and memberships. It also comes with marketing and customization festures.

Sendowl plans start from $9/month, however, there are no transaction fees. So, if you are expecting a lot of sales this might be a better option.


DIVI THEME dropshipping
Divi Builder

Best WordPress theme if you plan to open store with Woocommerce.

Divi allows an incredible amount of customization and it comes with some amazing additional tools for free.

Elementor is similar to Divi builder, however, it comes with a free plan.

In general I think Divi is a better page builder but if you are on a budget Elementor is a great option to start with. 


OnlineJobsph Dropshipping

One of my favorite websites to hire freelancers. If you are just starting out and want to find a good and affordable freelancer this is the option for you.

All the freelancers here are only from the Philippines. Because of that they usually speak good English and you can find a freelancer for as cheap as $2/hour!


The biggest network of freelancers out there. You can really find any type of expertise you need and people from anywhere in the world.

The prices for freelancers also do range a lot. The great thing is that Freelancer provides an escrow software, so the funds are not released until you are happy with the results. get $20 credit with link below

shopify dropshipping

Freeup is a very cool freelancer platform because they do the hardest work for you and go through all the freelancers to make sure you only have the 1% working on your stuff.

This takes out a lot of difficult work out of finding a good freelancer, but for that of course the prices are a bit higher then other platforms. 


Fiverr is really great for some small or one-off tasks. If you need some design done or a quick code fix on a store. 

Differently from other websites you basically purchase a set service(gig) rather than hire a freelancer. 

The price for services start as cheap as $5! Depending on the work it can be more cost-effective and also save you up some time. 

Hubstaff is a time-tracking software you can use for your employees.

It is one of my most valued software as it saves me up a ton of money and also helps to understand better what my employees are doing and what takes take what effort.

It not only tracks time but also takes screenshots on screens and shows activity level.

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The best project management software to keep your tasks and your team organized. You can start using Clickup for free 

Clickup is not just a project management software but a pretty much all-in-one system that can replace a bunch of other tools you use.


I absolutely love Transferwise. This service provides real exchange rates between currencies that usually only banks have.

You can also get their bank card and use it when traveling for better exchange rates and free withdrawals. 

I use TransferGo if I am transferring Euros to a different currency and Transferwise when I am transferring USD.


Mailerlite Dropshipping

An amazing email marketing tool to use for abandoned carts, exit pop-ups and other campaigns.

This tool has all the advanced features of other email marketing tools, but only cost 1/3 of the price!

Also, it is completely free to use for up to 1st 1000 subscribers!

shopify dropshipping

A more advanced email marketing tool than Mailerlite.

You can not just set up email automations but you can construct sales funnels and accept payments using the email marketing tool.


shopify dropshipping

Incredible automation tool for Pinterest. It not only allows you to schedule your posts, but also has a smart loop function and much more.

Using this automation tool you can easily drive thousands of visitors to your store.

It is also a verified Pinterest partner.


Amazing tool to find anyone’s email address and verify it. also has other tools such as drip campaigns to organize your leads and get more sales.

Besides just having a beautiful chat design Tidio also offers up to 100 chatbot triggers even on the free plan! 

You can also have multiple operators with a free plan, so you can have your VA or even couple of them answering messages.

Besides that, it has a lot of other great features you would expect from a chat app.

An appointment setting platform. You can create a calendar with your available times and you can use that calendar wherever you want. 

Appointlet is the only appointment setting platform that allows you to accept payments even on their free plan. 


oberlo dropshipping

Most popular app to import products from Aliexpress to a Shopify Dropshipping store.

It makes it very simple to import products, but it is limited to only Aliexpress. 

alidropship dropshipping

Same as Oberlo but a plugin for Woocommerce.

It makes it very simple to import products from Aliexpress and fulfill orders.

Differently from Oberlo, you only pay one time fee and you can use plugin forever.

shopify dropshipping

A very cheap option for WordPress hosting. if You can’t afford Bluehost the this is the cheaper alternative.

Keep in mind the website is going to be a little slower, so choose this if Bluehost is too expensive for you.

Printful is the most famous print on demand company. You can choose out of a wide catalogue of products and add your designs on them.

Printful has good quality goods and you can even design your own labels for the products. 

They do all their printing themselves, so you know what kind of quality to expect.


Same as Printful, Printify is a print on demand website, but their business model is connecting printing shops with business.

Because of that, the product prices you will find on Printify are some of the lowest out there.

With the print on demand margins, having just couple dollars lower price per t-shirt can really add up.

Online Courses

oberlo dropshipping

The best online course platform out there in terms of price and the available features.

Podia doesn’t just have online course capabilities but you can also sell digital products, webinars and so on. 


Pretty much same as Podia but Thinkific has a free plan to start out, though it has limited features.

Also, the basic plan includes affiliates feature which none of the other platforms include on basic plan.


oberlo dropshipping
A very simple web app for anything graphic design. From logos, to social media content and so on.
You can find a ton of different templates on Canva to use and it is very easy to share design project with your team members.
alidropship dropshipping
Great keyword tool for Youtube. You can start with a free version and if you upgrade you get stats specifically for your channel.
TubeBuddy shows related keywords to what you are looking for, what is the keyword difficulty, search volume and so on specifically for youtube. It also has other features.

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